“His intense expression and the flutter of his curly hair may be expressive of a powerful emotional input, but he’s also a steady, immaculately precise fingersmith capable of feats of considerable dexterity.” 
Limelight Magazine
“Able to maintain the blend of almost superhuman clarity and vigor”
New York Music Daily
"Sounds like a whole orchestra at the keys"
Ungt Teaterblod
"Alexander McKenzie's alabaster piano notes touched me again and again tonight"
Ungt Teaterblod
One becomes breathless, joined together with McKenzie's rippling right hand and pulsing ostinato in the left hand. 
Gregers DH
Alexander McKenzie has performed throughout Europe, Russia, China and the United States in concert halls such as Carnegie Hall New York, Wigmore Hall London and the Mariinskij Theatre St. Petersburg both as a soloist and chamber musician. His piano trio TRIO VITRUVI regularly performs internationally, and he has performed throughout Europe and annually alongside some of the worlds most prolific ballet dancers at VERDENSBALLETTEN.
In 2018 he founded KAMMERBALLETTEN with the trio, an annual festival in Copenhagen celebrating cutting edge ballet and chamber music. Alexander is Artistic Director of KAMMERBALLETTEN.
Alexander has studied with Amalie Malling at the Royal Danish Academy of Music, and continues his studies with Hatto Beyerle, founding member of the Alban Berg Quartet.
Alexander is also a composer, and has written scores for choreographies by Paul Lightfoot, Juliano Nunes and Tobias Praetorius.